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Align with the Divine and Let Your Light Shine

 with Linda DeVito 

 Transformational Consultant and 

Certified Vibrational Astrologer

Discover Your Power Academy


Are you experiencing stress and anxiety

from the current events in the world?

Are you feeling powerless

in the midst of this chaos?

And are you asking:

Is this all there is to life?

or is there a higher meaning?

Does my existence have purpose?

What is my Life Purpose?

Enroll in the Discover Your Power Academy

and learn how to rise above the chaos

and in your sovereignty

and co-create your life

filled with abundance, joy and vibrancy.

Discover the Power that is within you

as a Sovereign Divine Being

and Align that Power

with your Life Purpose.


Align with the Divine

and Let Your Light Shine!

Your personal Vibrational Astrology Energy Analysis

is included !


Uncover your Life Purpose

Gain insight into your gifts and talents

so you can  emphasize them

and do YOU better.

Learn the distinct challenges 

and Life Lessons

that were  specifically designed for you.

And use the energies in your chart

to resolve and overcome them

for the growth and evolution

of your Soul.

Gain clarity of direction that

energizes you with a

passionate drive towards

that which will deeply fulfill you.

Everything is energy, and you are energy.

Learn what energy processes are uniquely yours.

Learn why you do the things you do.

Learn your part in this

intricate, unfathomable Divine Plan

  that we call your LIFE PURPOSE.

Align with the Divine

and Let Your Light Shine!

How Life Works

Gain an understanding of how to use 

the Universal Laws of Creation

to achieve mastery and success in your life.

Time-Honored and Proven Success Strategies

Learn Empowering Strategies of Success  

that you can apply to every area of your life.

Learn why you haven't been successful before

and how to change to achieve what you want.


Spiritual and Energetic Techniques

that remove blockages to your success

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs

will block you on a subconscious level

from being successful 

in the application of many self-help processes.

In my consultations, I use

Simple, non-evasive energy techniques that will:

* Release emotions embedded within your energy system

* Delete the programming of limiting beliefs


Powerful techniques that will:

* Transform negativity

*Transmute lower vibrational energy 

 Consciousness is the energy that holds universes together and permeates all matter.

Learn how to tap into this energy WITHIN YOU!

Use this Form to Enroll

 These sessions are designed to reveal your Life Purpose 

and provide you with the tools so that you

can create a life of abundance and success 

and live in alignment with your purpose.

8 week program for 2 monthly payments of $998

or Pay In Full for $1,995 

for personalized Transformational Life coaching, 

including Vibrational Astrology energy analysis.

If you have previously received a Vibrational Astrology Consultation,

please indicate so in the form below.

Please use this contact form to arrange your sessions.

You will be directed back to this site for payment.

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I sought Linda’s help because there was distance between my daughter and myself, a genuine lack of communication. After our first conversation, Linda assessed my situation and helped me realize that crisis after crisis was happening in my life. They happened weekly, so I assumed life was about dealing with crisis after crisis. With her one on one coaching every other week, things began to fall into place. The crises basically disappeared. I put more time and focus on my daughter. I’ve made time for one on one with her and make sure we are clear about what she really wants.

Linda’s coaching will help you better understand yourself and how you relate to others. She has a way of putting what you are thinking or trying to express into words that help you understand yourself better. Every day I’m less angry and finding blessings in the inconveniences that used to upset me. My relationship with my daughter, and others in my life, is improving every day. I highly recommend giving Linda the opportunity to help you realize your true problems, and teach you the methods to eliminate them, and become the person you want to be.

K.W - Charleston, SC


Linda’s teaching and feedback helped me to reinforce a belief system that doesn’t conflict with my intellectual desire to understand. It was overall helpful and something that I can use to improve my life for the rest of my life. My light bulb moment was the revelation that the power you have to change your external environment is within you. The most significant [revelation] was that the power of energy knows no time.

J.H. - Grove City, OH