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Align with the Divine and Let Your Light Shine

 with Linda DeVito 

 Transformational Consultant and 

Certified Vibrational Astrologer

Linda DeVito, B.Msc., P.A.C.

Transformational Life Consultant,  Lightworker

Certified Vibrational Astrologer, Mystic,

Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer

Who is Linda?

Bachelor's Degree 

in Metaphysical Science

 International University of Metaphysics

Certified Vibrational Astrologer

  Avalon School of Astrology

Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

Active Lightworker under the tutelage of International Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Mirabai Devi.

Practitioner of Transformational Prayers as taught by Howard Wills,

Global Leader of the Art of Well-being and Higher Consciousness.

Graduate of The Art of God Intensives taught by the late Brooks Greene-Barton, International Trainer, Consultant and Coach.

Studied with the late Thomas Ashley-Ferrand, the western world's foremost authority on Sanskrit mantras.

My Passion

I am passionate about helping humanity move into the next Golden Age.  Through  the teachings of metaphysical and success principles, my purpose is to help others realize to their true nature and potential so that they can become the magnificent co-creators of this coming New Age.